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Stage Micrometers

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Scales with Crosslines
Stage Micrometers

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KR-806 1" Stage Micrometer (.001" - .010" - .100")
KR-812 25mm Stage Micrometer (.02mm - .1mm - 1.0mm)
KR-814 1" and 25mm Stage Micrometer
KR-836 2.0"/2,000 divisions (each division = .001")
KR-855 4"/4,000 divisions (each division = .001")
KR-851 1mm/100 divisions Stage Micrometer (each division = .010mm)
KR-842 10mm/1,000 divisions (each division = .010mm)
KR-861 25mm/500 divisions (each division = .050mm)
KR-838 25mm/2,500 divisions (each division = .010mm)
KR-809 206mm(each division = .1mm)
KR-868 1mm in 200 divisions (each division = 0.005mm)
KR-867 2mm in 200 divisions (each division = 0.010mm)
WC-3 Solid Wood Case for 1.0"X3.0" Stage Micrometer

 Stage Micrometers are Manufactured Using Low Expansion Borosilicate Float Glass.

 All Stage Micrometers May Be Calibrated And Certified As Traceable To NIST.