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Determine the Correct Reticle for Your Microscope

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When ordering reticles, take into consideration only your total objective.

Use the following equation:

Desired value X Objective = Actual Value
.001" x 3X = .003" per division


.003" x 100 divisions = .300"/100 parts (KR-203)
.003" x 200 divisions = .600"/200 parts (KR-223)

Below are examples of the different values attained from a single reticle, when used with various objective settings:

KR-203 Reticle

  • .300"/100 parts, each division equals .003" actual value .003"
  • @ 1X objective setting = .003" in system.003"
  • @ 2X objective setting = .0015" in system.003"
  • @ 3X objective setting = .001" in system

Actual Value / Objective Setting = Value in System

Each reticle must be calibrated to each objective for precise measurements.

Procedure for Calibrating the Microscope

  1. Focus Stage Micrometer Scale

  2. Move the stage micrometer until one line coincides with the farthest left line of the eyepiece reticle.

  3. Count across to the right to any other point where a line on the eyepiece scales coincides with a line of the stage micrometer.

  4. Should no lines coincide, estimate the fraction of the space between the last two lines at the extreme right.

When both the stage and eyepiece scales are graduated in the same system, it is easiest to fine" the number of times an object is magnified by the objective and the field lens of the given eyepiece when focused in the plane of the eyepiece micrometer disc.

With this procedure, the size of the object observed is:

The size of any object in the eyepiece scale
--------------------------------------------------------------- = objective
The magnification factor

Actual total value in eyepiece
Actual dimension on stage micrometer scale

It is easiest to calibrate when eyepiece and stage micrometer are both in English or both in Metric.

If you have one of each, convert one, before dividing.