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KR-400 Series Grids

Concentric Circles
Counting Reticles
Photo Reticles
Scales with Crosslines
Stage Micrometers
Catalog # 25 SQ.S (5X5)
KR-426 2.5 mm
KR-487 4 mm
KR-402 5 mm
KR-427(#) 15 mm
KR-496 20 mm
Catalog # 400 SQ.S (20X20)
KR-479 .100"
KR-442 1 mm
KR-471 2 mm
KR-491 3 mm
KR-472 4 mm
KR-459 5 mm
KR-499 8 mm
KR-424 12.5 mm
KR-483 15 mm
KR-428 20 mm
Catalog # 1600 SQ.S 40X40)
KR-473 2 mm
KR-474(#) 4 mm
KR-475 6 mm
KR-455 8 mm
KR-476 12 mm
KR-480 16 mm
KR-451 20 mm
Catalog # 100 SQ.S (10X10)
KR-430 1 mm
KR-494 1.6 mm
KR-450 2 mm
KR-440 3 mm
KR-448 4 mm
KR-418(#) 5 mm
KR-449 8 mm
KR-497 12 mm
KR-429 12.5 mm
KR-456 15 mm
KR-465 20 mm
KR-458 (index) 20 mm
KR-463 .100"
KR-460 .200"
KR-468 .300"
KR-469 .400"
KR-470 .500"
Catalog # Miscellaneous
KR-420 .400"/64 sq.s
KR-490 .500"/10,000sq.s
KR-457 24.5mm FOV/.010"
KR-462 30mm FOV/.020"
KR-409 27mm FOV/.10mm
KR-467 30mm FOV/.25mm
KR-466 30mm FOV/.50mm
KR-452 30mm FOV/1.0mm
KR-498 60mm FOV/2.0mm
KR-481 100 UM/4 sq.s
KR-482 200 UM/4 sq.s
KR-489 15mm/4sq.s
KR-464 2.5mm/2,500 sq.s
KR-401 5mm/16 sq.s
KR-416 5mm/2,500 sq.s
KR-441 5mm/10,000 sq.s
KR-492 7mm/49sq.s
KR-486 7mm/196sq.s
KR-461 12mm/81 sq.s
KR-438 12mm/576 sq.s
KR-485(#) 15mm/16sq.s
KR-453 15mm/900 sq.s
KR-443 18mm/81 sq.s
KR-484 20mm/16sq.s
KR-478 (#) 20mm/10,000 sq.s

10mm x 10mm Grids are Listed Below

KR-403 4 squares total, 5mm x 5mm each
KR-488> 9 sq.s, 3.33mm x 3.33mm each
KR-404 16 squares total, 2.5mm x 2.5mm each
KR-405 25 squares total, 2mm x 2mm each
KR-493 36 sq.s 1.66mm x1.66mm each
KR-406 (#) 100 squares total, 1mm x 1mm each
KR-407 (#) 100 squares total, 1mm x 1mm each, with 10MM/100 part scale
KR-425 100 squares total, 1mm x 1mm each, every second line accented
KR-431 100 squares total, 1mm x 1mm each, with crossline
KR-434 100 squares total, 1mm x 1mm each, with extended crossline
KR-444 100 squares total, 1mm x 1mm each, indexed

 (#) Various Numbering
  FOV - Field of View