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Optical Fabrication Services


The optical fabrication shop possesses custom-made beveling equipment capable of producing bevels down to a few thousandths of an inch on lenses, mirrors and windows.

Core Drilling

Our core drilling equipment can drill holes which are perpendicular or at an angle to the surface of the element, in glass, metals and ceramic materials.


Diamond cutting saws can fashion optical elements into any size, with the capability of cutting parts ranging from 1mm to 300mm.


Automatic edging equipment includes a Van Norman edger. Edging to an accuracy of a few ten thousandths of an inch can be achieved on lenses, mirrors and windows.


Precision Blanchard grinders can grind parts from 1mm to 450mm. Our grinding equipment includes a 48" continuous grinder.

Inspection and Quality Control

All parts are inspected by our careful quality control inspectors. Reynard operates, per Military Specification MIL-PRF-13830B and MIL-I-45208A. From incoming shipments to final inspection, the quality of material received and shipped to our customers is measured and recorded.

Our quality control manager reports directly to the President of Reynard Corporation.

Equipment used by our inspectors includes:

Polishing:  48" and 96" CP (Continuous Polishing Lap) polishers. This equipment is capable of producing 1/20 wave optical elements.

Shaping: We have various Haas CNC's able to produce intricate configurations on various meterials.


Klarmann Rulings optical shop will fabricate custom sizes, shapes and finishes using the finest glass filters from Schott.

Optical Glass Lens Manufacturers, Suppliers and Export

Custom glass lenses manufacturing traders and wholesalers, including 30mm Glass Blank Optics

Precision Optical Components for Precision Optic Instruments